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Adventure Style




Host a tournament at Moose Mulligan's:Moose Mulligan's offers area non-profit organizations an opportunity to participate in a new and fun-filled event that promotes family fun while raising funds.


If you think you would enjoy the excitement of hosting a miniature golf tournament then this option is the direction your organization should pursue. Hosting a tournament also gives you the best opportunity to raise funds. How much effort and enthusiasm you bring dictates your success.

OPTION I: Your fundraising tournament can be scheduled on mornings between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM (prior to the course being opened to the general public). You have exclusive use of the entire course. Moose Mulligan's will charge your organization $5.00 per player, with a minimum of 25 players. The rest of the revenue collected is all yours!


Groups could look at:· Charging $15 to $25 entry fee per participant· Obtaining tournament sponsors· Acquire tee sponsors· Be creative (hole-in one competition, etc.)· Speak with Moose Mulligan's management for further ideas or help in making your organization's tournament a success!

OPTION II:Earn “commission” on sales of a special 3-game pass:A specially designed Moose Mulligan's 3-game pass card is available for recognized groups to sell for fundraising purposes. Commission is based on a sliding scale of the total gross sales on the already discounted 3-game pass price. Groups can earn anywhere from 10 to 25% commission. This is an easy fundraiser to initiate. Again, how much effort and enthusiasm your group brings determines how much your group earns.


Prizes are available from Moose Mulligan's recognizing top individual sellers. In addition, your organizations name is listed on the 3-game pass - offering further exposure for your group .Please look over the options above carefully and call or email us to book a date for your fund raiser tournament or to discuss the selling of 3-game passes.

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